An observation (not a grumble)

So, last night G says to me “Do you know where the middle one’s school jersey is?”

(He actually said “a bheil fios agaibh far a bheil geansaidh aig middle one?” but I didn’t know what a ‘geansaidh’ was so I just stared at him blankly until he repeated the question in English).

“I don’t know.” I reply “He got changed as soon as he got in, so maybe the hall… floor?”

G departs for the hall.

Here is what subsequently went through my head:

“Oh… good. G has identified that the middle one’s jersey is missing, presumed (dead) dirty. Ergo I assume [why? why did I assume this?] that he will locate and inspect it, and look out a replacement if necessary. Hmmm, I further assume that this means he’s likely to check that the boys’ shoes are looked out too.”

Here is what i can only imagine was going through G’s head at the same time, given that ten minutes before the boys’ school taxi arrived the following morning I realised there was no jersey to be found, clean or otherwise, and a scant 3 of a possible 4 shoes lined up by the door.

 ”   “.

3 thoughts on “An observation (not a grumble)

  1. I believe G started out with good intentions but was, alas, distracted. Possibly by football…

    ‘The middle one’ in gaelic is ‘an fhear meadhonach’ (phon. an ye-er meeonach). As an aside, I actually do call them ‘the middle one, the biggest one, the littlest one and much much worse, (it’s not just an artifice for the blog). Easier than going through all of their names til happening on the correct one, especially now we’re getting a dog, whom I shall probably call ‘the hairy one’. G tends to call them by their given names.

  2. Oh F ….(that would be your name not the nasty word… you make me chuckle once again.

    It just proves to me that all kids are actually the same (abandoning the clothes) and that theres nothing we can do about it despite our nagging afforts.

    I would love to see pictures of your ‘new hairy one’ when he arrives, you know me and my animals!

    A x

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