Burrin’ and bletherin’

Amongst the many pleasures experienced during yesterday’s visit to Culzean was hearing snatches of conversation in a host of different regional accents – mainly from Scotland and the North of England.

I wasn’t, unfortunately, brought up with much Scots spoken around me but I have a huge love of the language and its many dialects. Since meeting my bidie-in and moving to Ayrshire I have started using mair Scots in my day-to-day exchanges wi other folk, something I am delighted to find seems to be evolving naturally. Previously I always found speaking Scots out loud to be quite awkward, as a non-native speaker (so to speak)!

I do, however, love listening to Scots being spoken, and I am also comfortable reading it aloud.  The weans’ bookshelves include many books written in Scots (and gaelic). The wee ones are also actively encouraged to use Scots in their speech – much to the dismay of one or 2 friends and family…

Hearing all the burrin’ and bletherin’ yesterday (Scots is a wonderful language for the telling of amusing tales) reminded me of another two snippets of conversation overheard, within a space of minutes, on holiday earlier in the summer.

snippet 1: a small boy, walking with his mum and dad, says ‘i canny walk any further, ma feet are sair’ to which the mother replies ‘cannot, you cannot  walk any further. Your feet are sore’. The dad nods and all carry on walking, discussion over.

snippet 2: a couple are chattin’ awa in broad Scots, the dad turns to their young son who is struggling with his trike and, switching his accent, says ‘almost there, will i give you a hand?’ The mum then says (to my absolute delight)  ‘Hoh, ma son’s fae Ayrshire, you’ll gie him a haun!’

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