In the interest of balance

There have been a number of complaints* about the possibly sexist nature of the posts so far in the ‘he mumbled::she mumbled‘ section of this blog.

I rashly committed to redressing the issue before publishing another post that might in any way be perceived to poke fun at the less fair sex.

There follows a couple of chance discussions which demonstrated that, on occasion, males of the species may be the superior in terms of clearly communicating their point of view.

In the park:

She (ok, I) said “Would you like a go on the dino, Duncs?”

He said (pointing at the dinosaur bouncer) “kkklip-kkkllop kkkllop-kkklipch-kkklipch-kkklipch-kkkllop”.

“Ok, but I’m pretty sure it’s a dinosaur, jump up.”

(Wee one jumps onto horsey dino) repeating “kkklip-kkkllop kkkllop-kkklipch-kkklipch-kkklipch-kkkllop” thus proving, by the strength of his conviction and communication skills that the dino was, indeed, a horsey.

The same conversation was then repeated, almost literally ‘word for word’, re the hippo second horsey bouncer.

Horesy one and horsey two. Not a dino and a hippo.
Horsey one and horsey two. Not a dino and a hippo.

* strangely, all from the same source.

** with thanks to Mr Abbot for the starting point for the animal noise phonetics.

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