Does my bum look big in this blog?

she said: 2 and a ½ pounds!
he said: Oh, right.
That’s good! 2 and a ½ pounds is really good.
Uh huh, I said it was good.


Just 1 and a ½ to go and I’ll have lost a whole stone.
(enthusiastically) Great!


Mind you, if I go by their scales I still have 2 and a ½ stone to lose.
(enthusiastically) Right enough!
(raising an eyebrow) … actually, everyone else I’ve told that has thrown their hands up and said ‘you can’t possibly lose that’.
Have they?
Eh, yes. Other folk think that would be too much… they’ve said I should watch out or I’ll look gaunt… I mean, if I could lose 2 and a 1/2 stone just from my thighs and my tummy I’d be happy, I just don’t want a gaunt face and no boobs.

Well… you certainly didn’t look gaunt the last time you lost that much.

(stunned silence)

(laughing) Eh, you do realise that is what is refered to as a ‘backhanded’ compliment? Maybe I’ll try that one out on your mum next time I see her. ‘Oh Hi Betty, you’re looking good – certainly not gaunt.’

he said: It wasn’t me who brought up the whole ‘gaunt’ thing I didn’t mention gaunt. You were the one who brought up the subject of looking gaunt.

(both eyebrows raise)

he said: I’m not going to be able to say anything right, am I? Right, I’m just going to shut up.
she said: You know this is going straight into he mumbled::she mumbled:: don’t you?


2 thoughts on “Does my bum look big in this blog?

  1. Hi, Flo,

    I’m not sure if you feel sabotaged by him, but you might be interested in my study. I’d like to ask you to support my dissertation research (on partner undermining of weight loss, a.k.a. diet sabotage by romantic partners/spouses) by emailing it to your network and/or writing a blog post about my study.

    While it’s hard losing weight on your own, it’s not necessarily easier with a spouse or partner. Sometimes partners/spouses undermine weight loss through acts like making discouraging remarks about weight, complaining about healthier food, gifting high-caloric foods, or even through abusive language/acts. I’m creating an anonymous, online survey to assess for partner undermining and to learn more from those who experience it.

    To be eligible to take the survey, participants need to have experienced this in their current relationship (of at least the past 2 years), and have been participating in a weight loss program for the past 5 consecutive weeks. For more info, see Those who complete the survey may opt to enter a drawing for $100.

    Thank you in advance,

    • Hi Amanda, sounds like an interesting study. I’ve heard of the phenomenon of partner sabotage, and I know people who feel their diets have been sabotaged, though mainly by female relatives. As I understand with the partner sabotage it’s usually about keeping the dieter’s self esteem low. However, I’m afraid my blog is making a reference to my partner- if anything – being a wee bit too encouraging of me losing weight. The implication of my losing 2 or 3 stone before and still not coming within touching distance of ‘gaunt’ is that he thinks I could do with losing the weight. However, he’s actually very lovely, and supportive, I just like winding him up. Good luck with your research!

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