Ghostly goings on

First off, having started ‘my novel’ (cringe) about a year before I had planned to, it appears to have taken on a life of its own. I’m well aware of the cliché about characters starting to write their own stories. Turns out, for me anyway, ‘s true. My eastern European heroine decided out of the blue to become Latvian.  She’s also thinking about having an affair and keeps drifting off into slightly sexy daydreaming. Ooh err.

So here I am 3000 words in and it’s all a bit Mills and Boon which I did not see coming… It is also completely devoid of humour. Hmm. I’m not sure how to describe the novel’s genre, an historical-political-philosophical romance, maybe. So, fair enough, it was never likely to be a laugh a minute. But…

Now, I’m getting into a tricky area for me because writers (especially blog writers) who describe themselves as ‘funny’ or ‘quirky’ are a pet hate of mine. Usually anyone who can write that down to describe themselves, in my experience, a) ain’t and b) can’t write either. Sorry, but not much. And as a caveat can I just add there is a huge wealth of extremely funny bloggers out there.

However, whether I’m managing it or not I certainly aim to put a bit of humour into my blog writing.  Not having properly sat down and attempted fiction before (as an adult) it hadn’t occurred to me that my style would have to change so drastically to fit the story.

Currently resident in my upstairs loo is a book called Howard’s End on the Landing which I’m afraid I can’t recommend ‘cos the author is so far up her own bottom. However, it’s there and I go to the loo occasionally so I’ve read my way through most of it. The book records a year spent at home by the author who is a writer/editor ‘catching up on a bit of reading’. Sigh. And boy, can that woman name drop. Anyway, at one point she mentions that almost every published author she’s read has at some point written a ghost story.

This got stuck at the back of my mind and, at the same time, I’ve been looking around for new genres to play about with. So, to add to a bit of unexpected corny romance and a healthy dose of sombreness, suddenly I’ve attempted 2 ghost stories with another several planned.

Turns out ghost stories are a happy theme to have stumbled upon because there is huge potential for a bit of dark, sarcastic fun. Who better to try to write a black sense of humour for than a slightly irritated and confused undead peep?

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