To bah or not to bah

Chritmas cracker

Hmmm. Have been wondering when my Christmas spirit is going to kick in this year… To be honest I normally adopt a bah humbug position for a good chunk of December, but the old Christmassy feeling seems to be hanging back particularly late this year.

I’ve had the odd glimpse. We had (a lot of) snow last week and the whole of Ayrshire looked just beautiful. The boys and I managed a couple of post school snowball fights and I was starting to feel fairly festive. There may have been a lingering  element of humbug in relation to the fact that middlest and youngest both required help making snowballs but seem to have precious little grasp of the twin concepts of loyalty and gratitude.

Here’s a quick run down of some of the other things that have been making me feel festive and, not so much…

Festive! Having shopped my socks off on several lengthy excursions I’ve got almost all my shopping done for massive family invasions* on the 24th and 25th. (Except the pre-ordered star attraction for the big day, which I believe is still strutting its stuff in a field about 4 miles away…)

No so much… I realised mid afternoon today that despite having approx. £300 of food and booze in the house I didn’t actually have anything in for our dinner tonight. Bah.

Festive! Our not-as-ridiculously-big-as-last-year-but-still-impressive tree is up, decorated and probably scaring the neighbours. I persuaded the kids to hang the majority of their homemade ‘baubles’ on their own tree upstairs but they have slowly and surely been filling the downstairs one up and it’s starting to look like a proper messy, er mess. Just the way it should be 🙂

Not so much… Lost my argument with him indoors re telling the milk boy that his Christmas fiver would have been a tenner – if he had managed to pass on (as faithfully promised) our holiday dates to his bosses, on at least 1 of the several occasions we came back to sour milk and neighbours…

Festive! Littlest’s toddlers’ party, an (unintentionally) hilarious school nativity, carols, the smell of mulled wine…

Not so much… Gate-crashed the wrong carol concert at school this year. My seven-year old was sure his class were taking part but…no. So, what’s the correct etiquette for removing oneself from an assembly full of other people’s precious darlings singing their wee hearts out the way only primary school children can? Fortunately as we had a squirming toddler with us, we had an out about 5 mins before the end so at least missed the car park crush. Bah.

Festive! Planning my Christmas menu (first time at home for 6 years).

Not so much… Being informed, by none other than ‘him’, that apparently Cream of celery and cava soup followed by Kelly Bronze Turkey with stuffing, chipolatas, roast tatties & winter veg, baby sprouts with chorizo and toasted oats, festively spiced red cabbage, cranberry sauce and bread sauce followed by Christmas pud, trifle, baileys cheese cake, ice cream and brandy butter, all finished off with a cheese board, coffee and chocs (and breath) … is a whole dish of mashed tatties short of coming close to a proper xmas cook up…

Festive! The fact that my spell checker makes me capitalise Santa!

Not so much… That I can’t invoke the threat of a possible Santa no-show on my 2-year-old ‘cos he’s too wee to understand… but not to wee to drop a whole loo roll down the loo, smear banana over my sofa and generally be a 2-year-old boy.

Festive! The Royale Family Christmas Special. I don’t think it’s possible to sit through an hour of classic Royale Family and not come out feeling seasonal and soppy…

So there I was, hovvering on the brink of jolly. And…

There’s a fantastic house just outside the village which puts on a fabulous OTT Christmas light display, the kids love it, we love it. This evening when we ventured out to take a wee look I was amused to spy inside the house itself – behind all the flashing neon craziness – an immaculately simple and tastefully decorated (boring) Christmas tree. For me, this was the cherry on the Christmas cake…You can go ahead and tickle me almost Christmassy!

*Had a quick thesaurusearch for other ways to describe a visiting horde of in-laws. The thesaurus very humorously suggested the following amongst others – attack, assault, incursion, raid, offensive, annexation and infiltration.

One thought on “To bah or not to bah

  1. Our first Christmas at home in 6 years too – and like you I think we may have gone overbaord with the food, and we’ve only got one in-law coming! Not so much an attack as a mild kerfuffle….

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