A little bit of festive fun!

This is a wee festive crossword I made as a fundraiser for a local nursery group.

All the answers are on a Christmas theme. It ain’t perfect, just a bit of fun!

Feel free to print it off, and I’ll pop the answers on the page in a couple of days time.




2        A little bit of fun in the holidays, now very cold. (4)

 7 & 16 across  Actual snow! Tons! It’s magic, no? (5,5,2,5,2,4 anag.)

 9        There’s spice in ‘em – mixed up… (5,3 anag.)

11        Employee in pole position (4)

12        Christmas crackler? (4,3)

13        Well-thought through grumble about warming drink. (6,4)

17        Little red bird hopping about – borin’… (5 anag.)

18        Delivered before …Christmas? (8)


1        – see 4 down.

3        Orchestra times! (1,9,4 anag.)

 4 & 1 down One half of a pair of legs, normally. (8,6)

 5 From the East, are wise men guided. (4)

 6         – see 15 down

 8        Part of a sad ventriloquist’s act. (6)

10        More than 4 glittering cellular tones. (4,4,5)

14        Going to the dance, rudolph’s pal found inside. (6)

15 & 6 down   He placed a late bet regarding a hot drink (11,5 anag.)

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